Our Story

Dancing Our Way into the Lives of Those Who Need It Most

Our Story

In 2010, Mr. Danziger (names changed) approached us before his granddaughter’s wedding. The chasunah was that week, but the kallah’s mother was confined to a hospital bed with a terminal illness.
What kind of wedding would there be? Hushed conversations . . . half-hearted dancing. . . tears during the pictures.
At that moment, Tantzers was born.
We gathered a few volunteers to enliven the wedding. When we arrived, the mood was somber, but we gave it all we got! That wedding night was one of the liveliest the family ever experienced. Despite her pain, the kallah enjoyed a lebedig, simcha-filled wedding.

Here for Our Families in Whatever Way We Can

Since 2010, our organization expanded from dancing at weddings to a massive operation with hundreds of volunteers, creating happiness wherever it’s needed most. With parties, events, retreats, hospital visits, bar mitzvahs, and, yes, many weddings, Tantzers is always on the go, planning and organizing.
But the true essence of Tantzers lies in the moments between events. Because even when guests go home, we are still a part of their lives. We are a family! Patients know they can reach out to us, and we’ll be there for them in whatever way we can.
No request is too small or too big, from a private hospital visit to a gala party. We’ve traveled to Cleveland, Washington, and Boston and once arranged courtside seats at a Knicks game.
Families in medical crisis are physically and emotionally drained from their daily struggles. Tantzers parties, visits, events, and chizuk help them put aside their pain to recharge and refresh.

Our mission is simple:

To help people through the power of joy. We’ll do whatever is within our power to accomplish that goal.

Smiles Shining Through

We really do not have words to thank you for this epic, mega, extravagant night out. Only HKB”H can repay you for all the work, time, and money that went into planning this event down to every little detail. It was amazing to see the smiles shining through everyone’s masks and dancing eyes illuminating the faces of so many patients and siblings.

Mr. & Mrs. P.
Case Study:

Ready to Face a New Day

Hillel (name changed), a young boy with cerebral palsy, was lonely. Although he kept up a brave face, not being able to go to cheder with his peers was very hard. Tantzers threw Hillel a massive party and even brought in a superstar singer to cheer him up. The night was filled with joy and dance. Hillel left that party energized and ready to face a new day.